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DLO 9.5 trial install fail: "SQL Express installation failed. Installation will Terminate"

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Installing on brand new test vm in vsphere. Vm is Windows Server 2019 Datacenter Enterprise. 

I am full admin, I’m installing the setup as admin.

Created an AD User for the DLO Service account; gave it local admin privileges on the DLO server.

Made sure WMI service was running as it says during start of setup.

Towards end: SQL Express installation failed.

Tried it again after rebooting, no dice.

Tried again after rolling back to clean snapshot in vsphere… no dice.

Please see attached screenshot. Google hasn't turned up anything. ??

Thanks Voxers. 




When the installation fails at that point, it is likely something to do with installing\generating the SQLinstance itself and that is using Microsoft SQLExpress installation commands. There are DLO installation logs (DLOInst.log, DLOConsoleInstall.log & DLOInstallSummary<date-time>.txt) that will be written to the C:\Windows path and may have some indication in those, but depending how far it has got, not all may exist yet.

The more likely area to check would be the C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SQL Server\120\Setup Bootstrap\Log  folder, where there is a Summary.txt, but also a subfolder where there are much more detailed logs. They may more indication where the failure came.

I have tested this myself and know that the process can take a little while, but does complete fully on Win 2019.

Solved. After looking in the SQL error log, it said something like:

"The specified value for SQLSVCPASSWORD is invalid. The expected value type is SqlSecureString."

I had copy/pasted the password directly from the password safe, so that wasn't it. I confirmed my service account was local admin, so that wasn't it. But based on that error, my guess was that there was something up with the password anyhow.

Yep. The DLO service account credentials, for whatever reason, does not like spaces in the password. It doesn't seem to card if the dlo server Admin password has spaces in it, though. What's weird to me is that it doesn't give you any kind of warning about this during the install, it only fails at the end. 

After much Googling, could not find reference to necessary password criteria in any of the DLO admin guides (maybe that's in there but I didn't find it). 

Thanks again for your help.