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DLO Agent installs but will not open.

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I can install the the agent on a laptop with no issues but when I go to open it the spash screen appears and closes and the agent never connects. I added the user to domain admins group logged out and back in and then it makes a connection. I then remove the user from the domain admins group logout and back in and it still is fine?

I don't want to give people domain admin rights then take them back just to do an initial connection.

NOTE: The first time I installed the agent I was logged in as a domain admin. Thinking this would handle any rights issues.


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Any AV installed that is perhaps blocking the application from opening? If so, try putting in an exclusion for the DLO executable.


Level 3

There is AV running but I don't think that's the issue.

I loaded it on the laptop with a domain admins logon and it installed fine and worked while logged in as a domain admin. I logged off the domain admin account, logged in as a regular user and it wouldn't open under the new user.

I added the regular user to the domaiin admin group and logged in again and it worked. I then removed the user from the domain admin group and logged in again (now being a regular user) and it worked correctly. Seems to me that it needs certian access to the SQLDB or the DLO server on first connection.


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Mention the version of DLO Installed and also attach the screenshot of splash screen you are observing while agent launch.