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Netbackup integration with cloud


Hello Folks\experts\system admins,

Since past year there is lot of information related to backup software and cloud integration. Cloud technology from different vendors like microsoft,amazon, google, AT&T etc. They are very aggressive in marketing their cloud and providing APIs to integrate with backup software. Symantec also came up with latest version of Netbackup with focus on cloud. Even various other companies and products like vmware , netapp etc all are integrating with cloud at a very high rate and coming with new features related to cloud. 
CLOUD is next big thing for IT infrastructure, data centers and data protection backup software.

There are pros in moving towards cloud like - total cost of ownership will come down, Corporations do not have to pay for data center equipments\devices. Access to flexible storage, data encryption, Sync to remote\DR site etc. Just name a backup software feature and cloud offer it already

What I wonder about is disk based device and tapes. Is this the END of disk based device and tapes ?? Even though I found disk based appliances are growing at rapid pace. We all know in IT sector one technology kills the other. If this is the end of disk and tapes due to advent of cloud technology then role of backup admin will change drastically. There would be simply be no tape management and disk appliance management, no firmware upgrade, no version upgrade. We do not even have to learn those commands example vmoprcmd and various datadomain , NBU appliance commands.

As cloud become more and more popular, is it powerful enough to handle 7.9 TB data backup per day. (it is smallest data center i work on). We do have bigger environment that it as well. I work for a cash rich corporation where soon everything would be move to cloud based backup.

To sum up I have 3 questions :
1) Is this the END of disk based device and tape based backup ?
2) Will role of backup admin will change or go obsolete ?
3) Is cloud technology good enough to handle backup environment whose catalog data is 1800 GB ?

Your expert comments, views and criticism is most welcome.