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Archive Explorer / Permissions

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Hello All,

We're running EV6 on W2K3-SP1. The problem I have is this: When a user with admin rights ont the Vault server connects with the Archive Explorer, everything works fine. When a regular user connects, the AE shows the error "The Enterprise Vault Service is not available".

I've checked the permissions with the admin guide but I must be missing something.

Does anyone have an idea what the permissions need to be for regular users?


Alain Deroy.

Level 6

more details would help. Is this a fresh build or an upgrade? Did it work before? Did you u/g to SP1 or EV6 or both? which one broke it?

I've seen EV fail to build it's web site properly on install a few times. Usually because someone has mucked aboutwith IIS before I get to build it. If this happens I usually start again. Did you get a clean install?


Level 3
Hello David,

The initial install was EV5-SP4 on W2K3-no SP. This, however, was only for the pilot (cq. evaluation).
The first modules that went into production was for file-archiving only. There was no need for the AE at this stage.

Before starting with the Exchange part and to prepare this for production, EV5 was upgraded to EV6, followed by SP1 for W2K3.
I have to add that I also had to adjust COM-perms after the upgrade which solved another problem.

It is possible, as You suggest, that some things were screwed up in IIS during the pilot stages.

Is there a way to reinstall the IIS-part or is a clean install the only solution?

As you see, there is already data in the vault so how do I go about this?



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rather you than me with all that matey!!

I'd be tempted to take IIS off the box and then re-install EV v6, the obvious risk being that you completely blow your EV server!

Alternate suggestions:

- Grab a PC and build it the same as your live box but go straight to EV6. Make sure AE works for a standard user and then check the web properties in IIS Admin and see if they are different to what you have on your live box. Now apply SP1 and see if it breaks AE. no reason you can't access AE on this PC until you work out what is wrong with the main server. Licencing shouldn't matter (I think).

- Or see if anyone else reading this post has better ideas!

- Or ring Symantec!

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Hmmmm, I know that the EV webapp build failure is sometimes down to a double backslash in the directory path of the EnterpriseVault virtual Directory. However that would normally give you a 404 error in IIS.

This seems to me its already gone past IIS and EV is not coming back properly. If you have already had DCOM issues I would suggest giving support a call again. Does normal webapp search and outlook integrated search work for you?

Are you using AE through Outlook or connecting to the webapp directly?