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Archive Points Strategy on EV7.0 SP1

Level 2
I ask myself how to configure Archives Points for a lot of users we have to migrate through FSA .
We are going to deploy FSA for archiving user's homedirectories stored on NetApp filers .
Those homedirs are stored on volumes under qtrees called home1, home2, and so on . We have several filers and several sites . So we have several thousands users
So , what's the best way to create archivepoints : One archivepoint for each user, or one archivepoint for each qtree (home1, home2....) . Sometimes, under one qtree, we may have several hundred user's homedirs .
I ask this question , for security, because if you create an archive point for one qtree containing user's homedirs, and if one of these users, in a browser, go to http://localhost/enterprisevault/archiveexplorerUI.asp  ,he would see all homedirs archived , not only his own ? Is that true ?
In another way , Is it possible to create several thousands Archive Points, and is that a good idea ?
Thank you for your reponses .

Level 4
Hi Bernard,
i wouldn´t prefer to create a single Archivepoint for each Users Homedir, because in your case with a few Thousend Users this is to complicated from my point of view.
If you had the Problem, that Users will see all Folders under the archivepoint, you maybe run in the same Problem that i had during my last Installation. EV changed the way on how it works with Folderrights from Version 5 to 6. EV now in Standard Configuration uses the Sharepermissions not the NTFS Folderpermissions.
If you change that (a registry Key *) back to NTFS Right Interpretation you are able to set 1 Archivepoint per Qtree. But that depends on your Rights Structure.
*)Under HKEY Local Machine\Software\KVS\EnterpriseVault\
There should be a Key: SyncroniseFSASharePermissions set this Value to 0 to activate NTFS Permissions

Level 6
Take Martin's advice into consideration because the share permissions issue is important. However in FSA 7.0 it is possible to auto create archivepoints from the interface (very similar to public folders auto enable). You may want to test this first:-)

Level 2
Thank you for your responses .
So i have made tests on a test platform . I create only one archivepoint at the qtree level .  
Under this qtree there are some homedirs . On my EV server i can see those homedirs with their NTFS permissions but not the  share permissions . I log on to a PC client alternately with a different username , and each time in the user's browser, through archiveexplorerUI.asp , i see only the user's homedir under the qtree name (where is the archivepoint) . So, if the NTFS permissions are good, i can't see the others homedirs even if someusers get some files with "everyone" rights on them . You can see the others user's files only if the permission "everyone" is put at the top level of the homedir .
I have tried also in seting the registry key SynchroniseFSASharePermissions to 0 . And this change nothing .
This is, because my target server is not a windows server but a NetApp filer , so, on my EV server I see only the NTFS Folder Permissions .
Thank you again .