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Failed to synchronize: Access is denied

When I stop the Mailbox Archiving Task, then go into Properties and click "Synchronize i get an error message stating: "Failed to synchronize Enterprise Vault with details from Exchange Server exchangeservername. Reason: Access is denied" I'm using t...

EV 7/Customizing Browser Search

I have modified the Webapp.ini file to exclude the restore button and delete button (ISRestoreButton = 0, etc..) and have put this file in the EV Prog files.  I rebooted the servers and the buttons were removed from the integrated search, but in the ...

Resolved! Can't add mailbox

Hello, I've deleted a mailbox of an existing user through the Administration Console for troubleshooting purposes. I thought it would automatically be recreated during the next synchronization phase. This isn't the case. Going through the Administrat...

User needs to log in when accessing Vault

Hi, since last week, some of our 400 users get a login screen when accessing the Vault through Outlook 2003. All users use Outlook 2003. When they log in, they have to enter their domainusername and password. Clicking the "Remember password" box doen...

Anoying Problem

Hi I have 1800 PC and laptops work fine with EV 6 SP2 most are a mixture of Win2K and WinXP all are using IE at least 5.5 and all are using Outlook 2003. I have two PC's only the display the following message when hitting the Archive Explorer button,...

Consequence of unavailable directory service/db

Hello. I'm currently working on a design that involves two Exchange servers in two different sites, site A and site B. The main reson for the Exchange server in site B is to provide access to old mails if the WAN link between site A and site B goes d...

Tobbe by Level 5
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Hello, I want to delegate the task "enable mailboxes for archiving" to another department. Is there a clean solution for this or do i have to let this people login to the server?

EV reporting in Ver 7.0

I am currently evaluating EV7.0 and the reporting for EV is really not all that great;I also used the SQL Reporting services but the reports via this is also not very impressive.Does anyone know of a better reporting tool to use with EV or configure ...

evcust by Not applicable
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Extracting all archived files from vault

We are looking for a way to extract ALL files from EV6 FSA.  The Journaling is working for us but we are looking to move all files into a system like Sharepoint first and need to extract all vaulted files back to there original location.Is there a si...

CA and reviewing messages ???

Hey all,I created some new departments and employee groups and I have the journaling connector running.  But it's been about 24hrs and I don't see any messages available for review.  Do I have to enable a search schedule or something?  I was hoping t...

Enterprise Vault 7 and Outlook 2000 offline vault question

Hello, I have a couple of questions about Outlook 2000 and it's 2GB .ost limitation and how that involves EV offline vault. -Could someone explain to me exactly how the offline vault works as it pertains to where the EV vaulted messages go? -Do they ...

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Delete Items Keep Re-appearing

I have one user that is delete items from the vault within archive explorer - when she leave Archive Explorer there are no mails in a directory - when she goes back to that directory all the emails have re-appeared. Help please

Resolved! Failed to create shopping basket

When trying to restore an archived item i got the following error logged in the server EV 7 SP1:Event Type: ErrorEvent Source: Enterprise VaultEvent Category: Web Application (WP)Event ID: 5143Date:  01/05/2007Time:  12:40:02User:  N/AComputer: EVser...


I have a standby EV6.0 sp3 server that is no longer needed and I want to uninstall it. I have found some uninstallation documentation in the Installing & Configuring guide for V7, but can't find anything for v6. Does anyone have any experience of thi...

Deleteing Archived Items

Hi I have just enable the facility in Enterprise Vault for users to delete mails from their own archives. I notice that when a stub file is highlighted and the red X clicked to delete the mail then it asks you if you want to delete the archive item a...