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Archive and Index Out of Sync

Level 6

I've been getting this error now for a couple of months when searching in either CA or DA - "Archive and Index Out of Sync (archive is being updated)".

I am aware of this article -

I've also spoken to support about this on two seperate occassions, and both times I was told that this will resolve itself in time. But like I said, this has been going on for months now.

What is especially odd to me, is that our nightly scheduled searches in CA work without issue. These searches look for keywords in emails sent the previous day. However, if I try to do that same search manually it will fail with the error I mentioned. The only differnce I see is that the scheduled searches will get hits in our Index Volume ID 405, and that is the highest ID the search sees. The manual searches will get 0 hits on 405, and then generate the error on ID's 406-408.

Just curious if anyone has seen anything like this and might know of something I can try besides waiting for this to resolve itself



Level 6
Partner Accredited

Have you checked on the EV server to make sure there are no indexes being rebuitl at the moment? What version of EV are you on? 

Level 6

No index rebuilds going on... We are on 10.4