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EV FSA 11.0.1 CHF5 File Shares Hanging.

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We have been encountering issues with hanging shares on our File Servers after upgrading to 11.0.1 CHF5 on the advice of Veritas support, the upgrade may not be the issue as the EV service had been stopped for some time and during that time numerous users have had laptop rebuilds and laptop replacement.

Therefore Active Sync is attempting to perform an initial full item recall for these users, this mass recall requirement is flooding the file server causing the shares to hang.

When investigating it was found that the cluster shares would still load locally on the node, therefore would pass the clusters internal monitoring checks and the cluster would take no recovery action. However we could see in remote testing that the shares would not load.

My opinion is that the Placeholder service is causing excessive stress on the Server service that handles the share preventing remote SMB access. If left unattended it eventually causes local tests to fail as well causing the cluster to finally take action.

We have to take the pain of these mass recalls, but has anyone else encountered this issue previously and found a successful way of coping with the requirement.





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If you suspect server service, and placeholder service issues... You could work with veritas and Microsoft to diagnose the root cause

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make sure that Anti Virus is not scanning these locations.