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Create new Vault for user in EV

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Please be informed that we have a user who can manual move email to Vault in Outlook.

He would like to request a new Vault then move his email in Outlook and keep the old vault then access his old vault via Web search.

May I know the step for create a new vault for his user?



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can you explain your / the users goal a bit more?

You can create a new archive by disabling archiving for a mailbox using the "Disable Mailboxes for Archiving" wizard. After disabling it use the "Enable Mailboxes for Archiving" Wizard to enable it again. In the process of enabling archiving you will see that the user is again linked to his old archive. You can utilize the "Deselect Archive" button to disconnect the mailbox from the old archive. Proceed with the wizard and a new archive will be created.

Keep in mind that shortcuts in the users mailbox are still linked to the old archive so make sure the user does still have access to the old archive or set permissions manually. Next to this changes for permissions will not longer be synchronized to the old archive.




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To add on to what @Marcde mentioned above, one thing the user needs to understand is that the "Vault" he sees in Outlook is not exactly like his PST. The Virtual Vault of EV is different than the PST (of old) with respect to behaviour. If he would like, he can have folders created inside the Virtual Vault (as against creating new archives for different purposes, like Yearly/Quarterly "archives" etc).

As a precaution, you may want to have this TN handy in case at a later date for any reason you look to zap the permissions of this user or any user going forward. (Archive Folders created in Virtual Vault are not visible after Permissions Zap on Archive )

Sheldon Dsouza