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EVSVR Confirmation around queries

Hi AllEV 11 sp1I have a customer that accepts it has data loss but needs the current VS data to be consistent so I want to use EVSVR to repair the databases and remove any references to items that are inaccessibleShould I first run EVSVR in Report mo...

SQL Query to see DA accepting status

Hello all, Is it somehow possible to see how many items DA has accepted for a search in SQL? Like 'total hits = x, accepted = y, pending acceptance = z'. If that is 'simple', I can run it once every 30 minutes or so, to see where it is in processing ...

GertjanA by Moderator
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Resolved! Upgrade from EV 12.1.0 to 12.2.1 at least - Quick question

Upgrade from EV 12.1.0 to 12.2.1 at least - Quick questionHello,As noted above I'm a few minor versions behind and then a few "dot" versions behind.I'm still reading but have not found if the minor updates are Cumlative, can I go from 12.1.0 straight...

-S- by Level 3
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Change EV namespace

Hello,We are about to upgrade our exchange server to 2016 (from 2010).In the new architecture was defined that we are only using 1 namespace for all access (internal and external), so are only going to have 1 certificate.My doubt is how do I do this ...

Tonaco_pt by Moderator
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Resolved! EV Upgrade for multiple servers

Hi All,This is an upgrade question.All the EV Servers are part of the same EV site. However each server has Vault Store DB located on SQL Servers at the local locations. Current EV version is EV 11.0.0. OS of EV server is Windows Server 2008 R2. I am...

Resolved! "Deployment Scanner" fails to make a connection to SQL

HI,We are about to upgrade Enterprise Vault(EV) server.We are installing new server, new SQL Server and migrate the archive to the new solution.I start testing with a LAb instalation, I Install:Windows Server 2019Microsoft Sql Server 2017Entrerprise ...

Tonaco_pt by Moderator
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Resolved! Enterprise Vault Journal Archiving is very slow

Dear Team,Suddenly Exchaneg journa archiving became very slow. I already tried below steps after cheking the attached dtrace logs , but its not working1. Increased MSMQ storage limits2. Deleted and recreated the journal task3. Removed and added the t...

ghoda by Level 2
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archived items return a blank body

HI,we have some user reported that there are some archived email show blank body in their value in outlook. he also check the itme in weblink and still the same. we find the those emails which mark black also come from same coversation (same email re...

Y1251 by Level 4
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Resolved! Database upgrade problem

Hi, after using migration wizard to migrate EV from to i have a problem with upgrading databases.(log is attached). To cut the story short I am getting EnterpriseVaultAudit: Could not be upgraded. Database remains on version'3...

Bothari by Level 3
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Copy to mailbox from Outlook fails

Hi AllWe've recently had some users who receive a faile error message if they use the "Copy To Mailbox" feature in Outlook and Enterprise Vault Search page. I've managed to track it down to the fact their mailbox in Exchange has been moved from one m...

Palace1 by Level 2
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EV Office Mail App configuration issue

Hello all,The EV environment: EV 12.4.1 + Windows Server 2012 R2Exchange environment : Exchange 2016 + Windows Server 2016We are trying to configure EV Office Mail app for OWA. Inside the internal network all works fine before configuration for exter...

Enable Microsoft modern authentification with ev

Hello everyone,a customer want to enable the mondern authentification feature in his exchange enviroment. He also use ev for the mail archiving. Are there any requirements on part of ev or exchange side?Is this feature supported with ev?In the docume...

Enable Oulook Mail App Globally

Want to enable the Outlook Mail App for all users in the Domain.The instructions say to use an archive mailbox, but nothing is mentioned regarding this archive mailbox that will be used by all users mailboxes.  So just wondering if there are any inst...

OWA 2016 Outlook mail App externally

I have enabled the Outlook Web App for a few users in Exchange 2016, and it only works when the user is on the internal network.  If the user is accessing OWA from the outside network, archived emails never open, and we get the error "Something went ...

Resolved! OUTLOOK16 Can't open archived/stored emails

Hello allI Have a  terminal server 16 + outlook 16 + EV client 12.3None of the users cannot open archived mails.The message is: This item has been archived by Enterprise Vault. Click here to view the original item (this link doesn't work).To view an ...

Barak2 by Level 2
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EV 11.0.1 to 12.5

I just found out our V11 is EOL and need to do an upgrade to 12.5 ideally.  I can't seem to find any support docs that go over the procedure to go to 12.5 from 11 though.  Also going to transfer to a new server build  which may help or hinder the upg...

munkel by Level 2
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Resolved! Problem When Trying to Export Archived Mailbox

Hi Guys,I wanted to export the archived mailbox of one person back into his original mailbox. We use Domino. I tried to follow a guide I found on the internet, but when I tried to export the mailbox, somehow the EV cannot find any mailbox.I already c...

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