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Domain AND Exchange Migration

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this is my first post here, so please don't kill me if my question might be to simple.


At the moment we are using EV 8.03 and Exchange 2007 in the same domain with one site. We have 3 Vault Store for 3 different domains in the same forest, using all the same Exchange Server.

We now have to migrate to Exchange 2010 to a new (trusted) domain in a different forest.

I know that I will have to upgrade to EV 9 but I think this is not very complicated.

What is the best practice to keep the archives connected to the mailboxes which will be migrated to the new Exchange 2010 Server? Users will be in different domain and forest.

It is possible to migrate the existing EV Server to the new domain? Can I use the same Site? What prerequisites have to be done (service account Exchange etc.)

Do I have to install a new EV Server in the new domain (I really don't want to do it)?


Thank you in advance!



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What i would suggest is if possible, upgrade to EV9 SP1 first of all, make sure everythings working as expected, add the new Exchange Domain targets and target a test Exchange 2010 server, make sure you can archive test mailbox and enable before anyone is moved to make sure everythings working ok

After this, make sure you set the SynchInMigrationMode properly and really you should be ok after that, as long as the LegacyExchangeDN doesn't change (in EV its called LegacyMbxDN) and then you should be good to go.

The only thing that would make it complicated is if you were to move the domain that EV was in also.

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That's the point: The new Exchange 2010 will be on a new Server in different forest (and domain). The EV Server should also be part of the new domain (now or later) because the old domain will be demoted some day.

Is it posiible to rename and move the existing EV Server to the new domain?

Our Exchange Administrator installed a new Exchange 2010 Organization in the new forest and wants to move the mailbox to the new Exchange Server. What I'm asking is what is the best way for me.

Shall I install a new EV Server in the new domain? How do I get the archives to the moved mailboxes?