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EV 9 - Unable to repair/rebuild index

Level 3


Dear all ,

I have this issue with two mailbox :

The index volume has been marked as failed.

Index Volume: 1D1045D7BBF22E644937A33FE6362F6B71110000vaultsite/Volume:340 (Name, FirstName)

Index Volume Path: F:\Index\Index0\1D1045D7BBF22E644937A33FE6362F6B71110000vaultsite

Reference: Too many consecutive failed items

Here is what i already tried :

- Repair -> Always goes back to "Failed" status after 28 & 43 failed items.

- Rebuild -> Same result as Repair function

- Renaming archive folder so it gets recreated -> Same result as Repair ..

- My last try was the "hack" with the Poison registry key modification . The keys were not present so i created them , tried to rebuild again but same result. Not even sure if my registry modifications have been taken ?

I'll appreciate if you have some ideas or suggestions ?

Thank you very much in advance for your help




Level 6
Employee Accredited

Hi massonb,

Sounds like a storage issue. See if you can get a saveset ID from the Enterprise Vault event log and use the EVSVR dumpsaveset command to confirm if you hav any storage issues:

DumpSaveset command

If so, then you need to open a case with support. Also, do you see any other errors in the event log before you get the "Too many consecutive failed items" error message?

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Employee Accredited Certified

The MaxConsecutivePoisonPill registry key should take affect once the indexing service is restarted.  What value did you configure it to? If the index is failing to rebuild due to too many consecutive failed items, then you need to troubleshoot why the items are failing.  The errors just before the final failure should show the failure of each individual item, and in some cases, the reason for failure will be right there in the error message. I would start by looking at the event log errors right before the index is marked as failed.  

Level 3

Dear both ,

First , thank you for your help and feedback i apreciated.

I've run a DumpSaveSet command which as output give me something like this :


2014-09-15 13:49:21    Saveset Id: 519000000000000~200610311631020000~5~0196E5141442451EB69337DAEBCEEDA
2014-09-15 13:49:21  Starting DumpSaveset operations
2014-09-15 13:49:21  Getting recombined DVS file
2014-09-15 13:49:22  ERROR: Failed to get recombined saveset. Error: %s
2014-09-15 13:49:22  Saveset decompression failed.   Error:%1   Context:%2      (0xc0041aa7)
2014-09-15 13:49:22  ERROR: GetRecombinedSaveset failed. Error: Saveset decompression failed.   Error:%1   Context:%2      (0xc0041aa7)
2014-09-15 13:49:22  Get DVS File and SIS Part files
2014-09-15 13:49:22  CIFS Partition: EvMailZRH Ptn1; Collected: false; FilePath: \\netappb\Path
2014-09-15 13:49:22  Copying file from CIFS Partition: \\netappbsPath
2014-09-15 13:49:23  ERROR: Failed to get DocFile. Error: Saveset decompression failed.   Error:%1   Context:%2      (0xc0041aa7)
2014-09-15 13:49:23  ERROR: GetConstituentParts failed. Error: Saveset decompression failed.   Error:%1   Context:%2      (0xc0041aa7)
2014-09-15 13:49:23  Get Vault Store Database records


I guess i will have to open a case with Symantec .

Level 3

And here is one of the event i get before having the "Too many items.."

Retrieval of saveset failed.

Archive Id: 1735E0FA5E1C2C444B15C0B31E68FC2131110000vaultsite

Transaction Id: 4D8DF89C7E5148BFA981D19AEF873CC

Extended information: Saveset decompression failed. Error:1735E0FA5E1C2C444B15C0B31E68FC2131110000vaultsite Context:4D8DF89C7E5148BFA981D19AEF873CC (0xc0041aa7)

Internal Ref: Vault/RI