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EV Search 11.0.1 HTTP 500 Internal Server Error

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Hello People!!

We are working in a VCS Cluster 6.1 environment with EV 11.0.1 running on Windows Server 2012.

While trying to search for items of a few archives belonging to a particular node, there is a 500 Internal Server Error.

While following TN 000038091, found out while trying to check the setting, was getting an error pertaining to the web.config file (Refer Screenshot).

Also, while browsing the Enterprise Vault Virtual Directory, getting the 500.19 Internal Server Error.

When we contacted the customer's IIS Team, they have suggested to recreate the App Pools. We are not convinced and want another opinion.


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observed a similar behavior a few days ago.

Could you verify if the .net version of the EnterpriseVaultAppPool is set to v4? If this is the case its probably due to some lines in the EV web.config (Webapp folder) are already a part of one of the other iis configuration files. (seems to be a problem wit v4) You could try to change the version to v2 and at least the error 500.19 will stopp occuring and you should be able to access the configuration for the ev vd again. There is also another way of commenting out the lines mentioned in the error code.  

I am not sure if this will completely solve your problem. We did this and now running into another error 500 which an Veritas engineer is currently analysing. In our case we then had our inital problem back as the 500 19 was caused by us by setting the version from v2 to v4. We now see error 500 with an error code 0x800700aa. when accesing the enterprise vault vd or trying to use download.asp. directly accessing /search/shell.aspx is working and also opening items in a new window works. Problem occurs for smtp archives. 

You could give it a try if you want and I'll let you know about our findings. 




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Run the install wizard and check if anything is marked with failed in the Prerequisite Check.

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Hello again,

we got this sorted out.

As I already wrote after changing the .net version back we only had error 500 occurring. The error code was 0x800700aa which leaded us to McAfee antivirus which was installed on the ev-server in the past but got removed. By removing McAfee it appears that the registry key {B54F3741-5B07-11cf-A4B0-00AA004A55E8} which seems to be necessary for asp wo work was removed as well (for details check the link at the end of my post). By reinstalling McAfee the key got recreated and everything was working again. 

Hope this may help someone.

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Our issue was resolved with reinstalling the EV Virtual Directory following; How to recreate the EnterpriseVault Virtual Directory in Enterprise Vault (EV) 10.0 and above.

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Good find. Can you mark one as solution please?

Regards. Gertjan