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EV search issues

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Hi guys

We have EV v12.5 and have been using for over 5 years with a third party vendor search tool - Vault Solutions web search. It allows users to search and restore from archive & journal through a simple web interface.

We have recently hit an issue where its been unreliable and mostly failing. If I use the native EV search it doesnt work and uses high CPU/Ram. Veritas support are saying the search is not reliable enterprise search and we should use Discovery\COmpliance Accelerator.  All im trying to do is perform basic search to prove EV is working so i can contact Vault Solutions for the third party search. They referred us to the article below. 

I assume we have hit some sort of limit, we store all journal emails for 7 years. We have archives, however they are 2 years old as we dont archive now. ( in O365 ).

Error: 5017 (errEVNotRunning) Enterprise Vault is not running Enterprise Vault is not running Error getting item info from EV. VaultId: 154091C733725A446B3DC3803306B29891110000evserver01, ItemId: 201910191452006~201910182103180000~Z~10E1ABDB6E8C41112119408294C41AA1, Details: DETAIL_LEVEL_ITEM_PROPERTIES, DETAIL_LEVEL_SYSTEM_INDEXDATA

Nothing has changed on the servers and this has been working for 5 years on various EV versions. The Vault search is working occasionally, however fails mostly with the error above. The servers are very quiet resource wise and we dont have a lot of concurrent searches. We are not really getting anywhere and was looking for some suggestions.

All the usual server type troubleshooting has been done. There has been no recent windows patching




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Hi Nick,

just out of curiousity, why are you not using the Discovery Accelerator for the search?

It will only take some time to configure it (plus new databases on SQL)

Anything regarding to the archive accelerator should be cleared with vault solutions.