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EV11 base - SQL frag VAC alert - 41561 - 30%

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Evening all,

I'm doing some research into an EV 11 base VAC alert - 41561 - regards SQL fragmentation indicating fragmentation of 30%

EV performance isn't being flagged as poor (or even questioned), and the DBA responsible believes the databases are well in order

I've talked through with them all usual best practice and nothing is ringing any alarm bells, but still it's there and I am finding it difficult to account for it

The following post describes my scenario spot on, and I was just wondering if anyone had any new information on this subject since it was posted in June?

I plan a CH3 upgrade shortly


 Can anyone tell me if it's Logical Fragmentation or Extent Fragmentation (or both) which trigger these VAC alerts?


Thanks all




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it's possible that the monitor is configured to check and that your dba is running maintenance on the databases and they overlap so you're getting a false positive by the time you get around to looking at it and asking your dba to go back and check the databases. you can adjust the time that the monitor runs in the EV site properties, you can adjust the time your dba runs maintenance (or both.)

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That check is introduced in EV11. if your dba confirms that SQL is healthy, then it can be ignored if the alert comes and goes ever so often.

To turn off the alert you can run the following query:


USE [EnterpriseVaultDirectory]
UPDATE [dbo].[Monitoring]
Set Enabled = '0'
Where MonitoringItemType = 34 or MonitoringItemType = 33