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EV9.2 - importing PST's in Journal mailbox - usage.asp difference

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Hello all,

I am tasked to import lots of PST's into a Journal Mailbox.

These PST's originate from another archiving system (EMC MailXtender), and need to be imported for legal reasons.

The PST's are checked, and the number of items in them is noted. What I find is that when moving the content of a PST file into the Journal Mailbox, then check the usage.asp after the mailbox is emptied, the number differs.

I have a PST that has 77882 items. These are all kind of items. Mails, meeting requests, calendar items, anything that can be in a PST is in there (except contacts and tasks as far as I see)  Those items all import fine, and get processed fast. When I then check the usage.asp, the number of items has increased with 77988. That is a difference of +104. How can that be explained? Anything I could look up?










Regards. Gertjan

Level 6

That sounds a typical one.... but I guess I would have started with checking journal mailbox statistics via Exchange once PST is imported into mailbox (if I understand correctly, PST is being imported into mailbox and then into archive right?)

And I guess when you say emptied, you're archiving on all types of messages from journal mailbox.

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No silver bullet, What happens if u create a temp archive an use the import PST as opposed to copy too mbx.