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Enable Oulook Mail App Globally

Level 3

Want to enable the Outlook Mail App for all users in the Domain.

The instructions say to use an archive mailbox, but nothing is mentioned regarding this archive mailbox that will be used by all users mailboxes.  So just wondering if there are any instructions regarding creating this archive account, and if there is anything special I need to do when creating this archive mailbox.

Also, I have 4 different domains, all using the same Enterprise Vault Server in on of the domains.  I'm guessing I need to create an archive account in each domain. 


Level 6

The instructions just ask you to pick any mailbox that's enabled for archiving. It's not "used by all user's mailboxes"; it's more of an artifact of the way the New-App cmdlet installs the app using a manifest file. The function on the EV server that generates this manifest requires a mailbox as input, but the mailbox is not used after that point. You don't have to create a special mailbox for this; just pick any old archive-enabled user and it should work fine.