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Resolved! VIC on Windows server 2019

when i attempting to initialize Veritas Information Classifier on Windows 2019 and EV 12.5 i receive the folowing error:Initialize-EVClassificationVIC : Failed to read the list of enabled policies from Veritas Information Classifier. One or more erro...

Resolved! Looking for specific SQL query

Hi AllEV 12 SP2 site, I am looking for a SQL query that will tell me exactly what VS partition a particualr Saveset ID is assocaited withI have a large, 12 server, 16,000 user environment with OSIS implemented but with multiple VS partitions and some...

Resolved! EV SMTP - empty storage queue

Hello all, EV12.3 Situation:Journal Archiving only.5 EV SMTP Archving servers.HW Loadbalancer distributing messages accross the servers, based on running EV SMTP service. When on 1 server the EV SMTP service is stopped, that server does not get messa...

GertjanA by Moderator
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Resolved! Storage Expiry question

We have an EV11 environment in place which has never had any retension policys set other than "Forever" and storage expiry was never enabled.Two years ago all Exchange mailboxes were moved to the cloud and then as you can imagine, that stopped EV fro...

Mutiple Forest with one Enterprise Server

We have 4 different Forest, with Trust.We would like to run the Enterprise Vault server in only one Forest, and archive all the mailboxes from the different Forests.Each Forest has it's own Exchange Servers.I cannot find anything in the documentation...

Resolved! EV migration wizard 11.0 to 12.5

Hi, according to the link below EV migration wizard can be used to migrate v 11.0.1 to 12.4. it possible to use migration wizard to migrate from 11.0 to 12.5 (or 12.4) without upgrading 11.0 to...

Bothari by Level 3
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Resolved! EV11 server Decom - Vault Store Sharing question

Morning. I've been tasked with decommissioning an Win2k8 EV server that was used for FSA from our environment (remaining 15 EV servers are Win2012 - 12 used for Exchange and 3 other FSAs).  We do not currently archive anything anymore as we moved our...

Links to archived items

I was wondering if there is a way to open individual mail archive items in the browser (it seems the HTMLView.aspx accepts parameters, "snum" seems to be the item ID). I was also wondering if the same can be achived for folders (not sure if shell.asp...

anayeri by Level 2
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Enterprise Vault API

Hi,We have some customers that are using Veritas Enterprise Vault 12 and I was wondering if there is any APIs to retrive information about the stored objects (metadata and even data) in order to index them in a search engine.Thank you. 

Announcing the release of Enterprise Vault 12.5

I’m excited to announce the release of Enterprise Vault (EV) 12.5. With so many new regulations coming into effect around the world – MiFID II and GDPR in Europe, FINRA, SEC 17, and the upcoming California Privacy Act in the U.S. – customers are look...

DavidScott by Moderator
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Information around EV to Azure

Hi AllWe have a customer who wants to keep using EV but wants to move EV into Azure. I am looking for documentation or whitepapers around this as I cant find detailed informationAny pointers around this will be much apprecaited Thanks