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Enterprise Vault 12 & LOOKEEN search tool

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I have been asked by a customer whether or not Enterprise Vault works with LOOKEEN 8.3.1, as they are using this on a number of PC's and it doesn't appear to be indexing the archived emails.

I have not previously come accross the LOOKEEN product, and can find no reference to it (in relation to Enterprise Vault) accross the Veritas forums or indeed elsewhere.

Has anyone seen this, and does it function with EV archived emails in Exchange / Outlook ?




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So it looks like this product is a desktop search, which means that the best we can expect with regard to EV functionality is that it might be able to search a user's synchronized Vault Cache. I would assume that Lookeen has some kind of list of locations that it indexes, where you can include or exclude locations you choose. If so, then you could try adding the Vault Cache folder (under "%LOCALAPPDATA%\KVS\Enterprise Vault") as an indexing location. There's a chance it might work.


But no, this is not going to be a supported integration. The only Desktop Search that EV's Outlook Add-in officially supports is Windows Desktop Search.



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Hello AJ. Never heard of it either. is the site. It states it can scan the below. It might be it targets a messageclass, which would mean that the EV shortcut is not scanned, due to that being a different messageclass. A simple test would be to take a shortcut with a unique content (easily findable when searching), stick that in a different folder, and use docmessageclass to change the messageclass (or mfcmapi can do it too perhaps). Then index and search.

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Regards. Gertjan

Can you elaborate?

To the OP, did you get it to work?