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Enterprise Vault 9.0 - Post Rehydration Checking

Level 3

We are long into the process of rehydrating files from archive back to the original Windows servers. We are well into the 10 of TBs of recoveries.  I read in a forum you can check the attributes for Reparse/Mount Point to ensure the resultant files are not Pointers/Stubs. However, a lot of the files still show the offline attribute instead.

Is there a sure fire way to make sure the files recovered are actually rehydrated?


Level 6

You should check for three file attributes: ReparsePoint, SparseFile, and Offline. An EV Placeholder will have all three of these attributes. If all three are not present, you have a file that is not a Placeholder.

I've attached a PowerShell function that you can call to test whether a given file is a Placeholder. It's just a fancy wrapper around this attribute check; it returns true if the file has all three attributes and false if it does not. You might use it to spot-check various files after the "rehydration" is complete, or, being more thorough, you might write a script that calls this function against all your files and then writes the results to a report.

I hope you find it helpful.