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Enterprise Vault Archiving performance via WAN

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Hi All,

Need clearity on below scenario.

1) 1 EV Site in Mumbai location. which has below servers.

1 EV server.

1 SQL Server 

SAN Storage.

need to add another EV server in Mumbai EV Site but location for Second EV server is Monaco.

Local San Storage for Monaco EV Server. but will Use SQL Database Server of Mumbai Location.

What are the implications while Archiving & Downloading emails via WAN.



Regards, Abhishek



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Check the Network usage section of Chapter 7 of the Performance Guide

Plenty of opinion has already been shared on this previous post



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i think the latency will be too great between Mumbai and Monaco to support your desired configuration. have you considered creating a seperate EV environment for Monaco with its own local SQL and directory database?

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I have had archiving running on Exchange servers in APAC (Aus, NZ, HK) and EV servers in the US.  Yes, the performance is a bit slower, but it does work.  I would not split my EV servers or SQL from being in the same location, the WAN latency is bad for SQL traffic.   I've also used an EV server remotely just for archiving.  Best design is to have the EV servers in one site and archive across the WAN to the remote Exchange servers.