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Enterprise Vault Backups.

Level 4

Currently we are using NetBackup “bpstart” and “bpend” scripts to backup the Enterprise Vault.

Please advice on the below:

Disadvantage of using this old method of backup.

Advantages of using EV Agent to backup the Enterprise Vault.

And is there any other good method of back up the Enterprise Vault.


Level 6
Partner Accredited

I think the backup is actually the same. The main difference is that the EV agent contains the remote agent and SQL agent to backup the EV server and SQL Databases. But if you already have the proper agents license I don't think it makes any difference.

Level 6
Partner Accredited

You have two major advantages when using the agent:

  • The agent automatically recognizes all DBs and locations (partitions/index locations) that are relevant for a EV backup
  • The agent puts index locations and partitions in/out of backup mode gradually. Meaning it only puts the locations in backup mode it actually backs up at this point of time. Whereas the backup scripts in general put ALL index locations and partitions of the whole site into backup mode.

However there are some situations where you can not backup via the agent, e.g. if your partition lays on a netapp device and you want to use snapshot or ndmp backups.

Level 6
Partner Accredited Certified
You can't do flash backup via the agent which is becoming the defacto way to backup large datasets because it does block level backups instead of through regular windows API calls