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Enterprise Vault Exchange Archiving on NetApp CIFS - 7 to C Storage Migration

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Hello all,

We're using Enterprise Vault Exchange Archiving.

It's setup so that the vault data is stored on a CIFS share, on a volume that just happens to be on NetApp 7-Mode storage (8.2.1).

We need to migrate this storage to Clustered Data ONTAP (8.3.2), and we're planning to use CFT (Copy Free Transition).

If we keep the same NETBIOS name, same DNS, same CIFS share etcetera, and since it's CFT, it's the exact same blocks of data that existed before the migration, do we need to do anything after the volume has been cutover to Clustered Data ONTAP?

Many thanks,


PS I understand that if this was Filesystem Archiving (FSA), then there's some post process task we need to do. But if it's EA?

PPS If it helps it's Exchange 2010.