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Enterprise Vault - FSAUtility Tool

Level 4

We are using the FSAUtility tool to recall all of our EV archived files.

The command structure/syntax we are using is shown below:-


Example: FSAUtility.exe -b -s "\\wintlife01\wintlife01_g$\groups\live_vol\pcs" –recurse

The issue we have is that the tool will complete its processing of a folder & subfolders and report via the HTML file and give the event ID 41145

in the event log.   However, if you fix the errors that are flagged, and then re-run the same command, the process will find more errors. This

means we have to re-run over and over again, until we get a definite process of no fails at all.


Thanks in advance!



Level 4

Is the correct performance for the tool, or is there a switch that will force the command to list all errors in one pass of the data?