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Enterprise vault domino archiving but without install domino gateway server.

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Dear Team,

Once again I need your help with below Setup......... 

I have enterprise vault 12.4 server and targetting domino mailbox for well as .nsf file migration to the same user's mailbox's 

As per EV prerequisite need to install domino gateway on enterprise vault server before configuring EVDG.

is that possible without install domino gateway? can I view domino mailbox's user ID's on EV server?

in that scenario how I create archive point for.nsf file migration.



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any update on above requirement.


I don't think the question is completely clear at least to me.

You would need Domino Server on the EVServer for EVDG duties (therefore for accessing the archived emails from client or from search and even for Vault Cache syncronization).

For the mailbox archiving you ONLY need the IBM Notes client, this needs to be installed on the EVServer and configured with a proper user (Archiving ID who can access the Domino servers and the databases).

IBM Notes is also needed on the EVDG which would be a server with: 

IBM Domino

IBM Notes 

Enterprise Vault Server 


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Thanks for reply Massimo

My requirement is very simple. I want to only import .nsf file to the user's mailbox. And the imported data (.nsf file )easily accessible to the user on the Enterprise Vault search ( web url).

can you tell me how it is possible?

Client no need to mailbox archiving, Vault Cache synchronization.