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Exchange 2010 Journaling and EV DL Expansion

Level 4
Partner Accredited

Ever since Exchange Envelope Journaling was released, we've always recommended to enable DL Expansion in the Journal policy, due to the additional functionality and benefits this provides, per this technote:

However, with Exchange 2010 (and/or later) is EV DL Expansion still providing any additional functionality or benefit?

Is there an updated technote that describes what EV DL Expansion accomplishes with Exchange 2010 and later?



Level 6
Employee Accredited

As far as I am concerned, and aware, 2010 as well as 2013 still supports Envelope Journalling:-


Therefore if you wish to Search against Recipients/BC/BCC from DLs after the item has been archived then you will need DL Expansion turned on.

This is especially important if you are wanting to use DA/CA so if I was you I would continue to recommend having it enabled. I believe the technote could benefit from being updated to include 2010/2013.