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Exchange Online migration - Enterprise Vault steps?

Level 5

Current environment;

  • Enterprise Vault and Discovery Accelerator 12
  • Mailbox and Journal Archiving
  • Exchange 2016 - 1,100 mailboxes

We are about to implement Exchange Hybrid mode to integrate with MS Teams. No Mailboxes will be migrated or any changes to email traffic routing at this stage.

When we are ready to start migrating mailboxes I’m wondering how this will effect Enterprise Vault. Can we still keep EV On-Premise or do we need to also migrate EV to the cloud and what would be the steps for a successful migration.

Thanks in advance,




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Hi Phil

There is a Whitepaper (How to archive Microsoft Office 365 with Enterprise Vault) about this from Veritas.

You will be able to continue to use Enterprise Vault if you want to, but things are based on SMTP with Exchange Online. You won't have the full Shortcut-fidelity.

What companies often do is migrate the Enterprise Vault data to Office 365 as well. This can be accomplished e.g. manually by exporting everything to PST and importing it to Office 365. It can be somewhat automated using e.g. Powershell, but it's still a tedious and error prone approach, especially when handling exceptions, leavers data, service protection throttling, etc.
There are also specialized 3rd party tools.

I work for cloudficient, a leading provider of such Software. Our portfolio includes Office 365 OnBoarding to migrate mailboxes to Office 365, as well as EV Complete, our solution to retire Enterprise Vault and migrate the content to Office 365 or on-premises Exchange.


cloudficient - EV Migration, creators of EVComplete.

Hi Michel, thanks for your reply,

We don't use Shortcuts so that would seem like a good thing to me, do you agree?

I understand the potential issues with migrating via pst files so will be staying away from that, thanks for the advice there.

I'm not completely sure on my Management's end goal at the moment so it's great to know that we can still operate the same with EV on-Prem when we start migating Exchange mailboxes.

I will keep you in mind when\if we decide to migrate Archives to Office 365 in the furture.

Thanks and Regards,


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Yes, not having shortcuts are a good thing in your scenario. You users should be mainly unaffectect, unless EV is syncing permissions from mailboxes to the archives.  Once the mailboxes are moved to 365 EV will no longer be able to synchronize them.

Hi Tony,

Thanks for the heads-up on the Permissions Synch which now leads me to the following questions;

  • Do the current Archive permissions stay in place after migrating?,
    • If so how would we remove these after the migration?
  • How would we grant access to other Archives after the migration?
  • Given that the Permission Synch will no longer work, is there anything else in the Mailbox Archiving Task that will no longer work?
  • To help me understand things a little better could you please explain why the Permission Synch would no longer work?

Thanks again, and Regards,


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Hi Phil,

I can answer a few of your queries. I'm sure Tony can answer the rest.

1 Current permissions stay in place. You can remove the permissions manually, or use EVPM (zap the archive). However, removing permissions on multiple archives for only 1 or 2 accounts is more challenging. You can use EVPM, but then need to specifically specifiy which one to use. In later versions from EV (12.5 for sure) you can also use the EV Management shell to do this. (probably easier). 

2 Granting permissions, EVPM or better EV Powershell 

3 - not sure about this one. I believe that after a mailbox is moved to O365, it will not be accessible by the mailbox task anymore. This means creating/deleting shortcuts, archiving, and possibly restoring items to the mailbox will not be possible anymore. If a mailbox moved to O365, archiving will be done by the SMTP Archiving task.

4 - Permission sync - I don't know.


Regards. Gertjan