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Failure: Trying to add a new Volume

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I am trying to add a new Volume on the File Server. 

After I have choosen the File System Archiving task, i receive a Error Message:

"Could not read the volumne information for \\Network path of the fileserver.....

Reason: The network path was not found.

Also I get the same Error when iam going to properties on an existing Volume and push the "select policy" Button.

I already restarted the EV Services and reinstalled the FSA Agent. Also checked the User settings, whether the Account is an Administrativ Account or not... 

Also it is possible to get Access to the Fileserver Path via "Explorer". 

We checked the Event Viewer & Network connections without any results..

I would be glad if somebody has an idea to solve the problem. 

Thanks in advance.



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I am not really familiar with FSA, but check the below two links. They might assist. Additionally, which EV version are you using, and what kind of storage is the target you have issues with (Netapp/windows FS/something else)?

Hidden share issue.

some troubleshooting

That last one has some troubleshooting steps. It also show what you can dtrace to see what the issue is.

Regards. Gertjan