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Gotchas during upgrade to Vault 2007

Level 5
Upgraded our production system from 7.0 SP1 to 2007 on Friday evening.  Couple of notes for people that are doing this:
1) The Deployment Scanner checks to see if the VSA has SQL Database Creator rights.  The fact that an application install requires this right REALLY angers my SQL Administrator so he's constantly giving it to us and taking it back after upgrades.  He'd rather create the database for the application so he knows how it's configured.  We were not creating any databases during this upgrade, so I'm not sure if this right was really needed or not - we were not adding Auditing or any new databases, so it may have worked without it. Regardless, make sure you have accounted for this right since the Deployment Scanner looks for it.
2) More importantly, the upgrade was failing to upgrade the EVDirectory database.  The documentation tells you to upgrade the EV 2007 Server Components on the Directory Service computer first and then all other Vault Servers.  Then, validate that the Directory Service is started and look for Event ID 8576 before continuing with running the Configuration Wizard on the Directory Service computer. 
In our case, the Vault Directory Service would not start and we received the following error:
Event Type: Error
Event Source: Enterprise Vault
Event Category: Directory Service
Event ID: 8557
Date:  9/21/2007
Time:  8:56:02 PM
User:  N/A
An error occurred attempting to update the Directory database.
Reason: <0x80040e14>
Reference: CFDDBU/idsun
For more information, see Help and Support Center at
After much troubleshooting, we discovered that this would not succeed until we disabled SQL 2005 Database Mirroring.  We have an alternate site and use the mirroring for failover purposes.  Apparently, this task could not be completed while replication was in effect.  Once we disabled this, we were able to proceed and re-enable it the following day.

Level 6
Did you make sure you put your policies back to whatever they were set at? A few of us have had the EV2007 upgrade reset our polices back to default values.

Also, if you use WSUS internally... make sure your WSUS servers are in the evservers.txt file or you'll find servers will no longer check in with the WSUS server after the EV script modifies your WinHTTP proxy and only puts the values in evservers.txt in there.