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Items are not archived

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Hi to All,

I'm following a project about migrating from exchange 2010 to exchange 2016 with archived mailbox, i have a lab environment. I followed the veritas best practices but i have some problem.

I have migrated some mailbox in my lab, 10 mailboxes migrated on exchange 2016 and 10 leaved on exchange 2010, but 5 users not archiving the items and remaining pending. I have no errors on event viewer (EV and exchange), i have 4 exchange server and 2 EV (11 chf 5) server and the problem is general. 

Other 5 mailboxes migrate works fine.

I suppose the problem is on mailbox or archive because if enable a new mailbox all works fine. I also tried to ZAP the mailbox but without result.

Any idea?



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Some questions. If you run the deployment scanner on the EV server and check everything, does it come out with all green ticks? Especially the Exchange checks?

Items staying pending archiving mostly indicate an issue with the EV partition not being backed up. Depending on your configuration for the Vault Store Partition, you need to change the archive attribute, or use the triggerfile. Set, then clear backup mode.

It's been a while since I have done an Exchange migration, but I believe the order is:

Disable mailbox for archiving. Sync Mailbox using archiving task. Make sure the provisioning task is targeting the new Exchange server also. move mailbox. Run provisionning task with full report, verify report. Make sure the archiving task for the new server contains the PG. Enable the mailbox for archiving again. Run archiving task, verify archiving report. Do the mailboxes show?

Regards. Gertjan

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I assume you have seen this one:

move enabled mailbox from exchange to exchange

Regards. Gertjan

I use centera partitions and they doesn't need to be backed up.

The Deployment scanner is all green, i had also re-runned che prepartion scripts.

I also tried the test suggested by you, but the items are not archived. If i migrate a mailbox to exchange 2016 and after i enable the archiving all works fine.  The problem seems to be on already enabled mailbox.



It may have been that the items were in pending status when the mailbox was moved.  This would mean they are tied to the task and msmq, which is pointing to the original server.  Since the mailbox no longer exists on that server the items will remain pending.  You may be seeing some 2850 events?

You will need to cancel the archiving and re-archive from the new task.



I don't have any eventid 2850 but i can take this test on friday.

Thanks in advance


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Hi there,

Indeed, I have seen this issue happening often when migration takes place while archiving is running as plaudone1 mentioned.


The problem was on message queue.

Problem resolved by the support