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Missing journals...

Level 4


I am aiming to do a search of the Journal mailbox

in the past this has worked all okay
Now - we have a new drop down box labelled Archived with a selection of dates
however the dates are not sequential and 'blocks of dates' are missing -
eg the drop down shows date ranges
12 july 2007 - 09 August 2007
07 January 2008 - 28 Janayary 2008

we are stumped, as these dates do not mean anything to us - we wish to have one archive and no missing blocks of dates

any ideas on how to have only one Archive drop down date eg 01 Jan 2007 - present day

where are the dates that are not included in the drop down ranges


any clues - welcome


Level 4

When an index volume reaches its maximum size, it will rollover and create another volume. When this happens you will see the drop-down box that you mention. The dates shown are the archived dates of the items in the index. There is still only 1 archive.


This is by design.

Level 4


Mark is correct though you need to try and find out why there is a gap in the dates... so perhaps a call to support?

Level 3

Hi MJScreen


Could you check the IndexVOlumeReply and see if any of those indexes are corupted? Also check that there is no backlog items in the queue.