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Moving File Server target to a DNS Alias

Level 5


We wish to add some DNS aliases to our file servers for future proofing scripts when we migrate to a new server with a different hostname.

Ultimately what we are planning to do is to move some of our file server data which are archiving targets to an EMC VNX hosted NAS. We are trying to achieve this with minimal disruption. So what we are hoping we can do is:

1. Create DNS aliases for existing file server and update our scripts, drive mappings, GPO etc to use the DNS alias.

2. Stop file server archiving schedule

3. Move the non-archived data from the file server to the NAS and setup a scheduled Robocopy miroring changes.

Cutover night

1. Move DNS alias to point to NAS share

2. Create NAS file server target in EV using DNS alias

3. fsautility -pm to migrate placeholders from fileserver to NAS using DNS alias as destination


I don't know if this plan is going to stand up.