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Office 365 Journal Archiving

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If a customer is about to implement O365 and wants the use EV11.0.1 SMTP journal archiving - does the EV need to be installed from the start as the customer is not yet ready to implement EV but wants to move to 0365 asap.

What I'm getting at is really asking if there is a way to create a 'backlog' of O365 items that EV will then archive once the EV solution gets installed - probably about 6 weeks later.

I'm thinking of setting O365 to sent the SMTP feed to a local volume which can then be moved\copied\reconfigured as the EV holding folder where it can process the items.... or can EV just be pointed to this area to 'clear the backlog' along side the realtime SMTP feed?

hope that makes sense.

thanks in advance


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I don't think that will work since EV SMTP stores the files in a particular manner using a month/day/date-time folder strucutre and the EV archive task would not recognize a different folder structure.

I might suggest having the Journal emails sent to a mailbox, rules set up to push them to PST files and then import the PSTs into an archive once you have EV implemented.


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I would have 1 on-prem Exchange server with a Journal Mailbox for O365, configure EV to archive that Journal Mailbox. As soon as SMTP archiving is configured, switch in O365/EV.

Make sure the Journal Mailbox is empty (i.e. fully archived), then decommission the on-prem Exchange server. Exportig items to PST, then importing them into an archive (how easy and good that might be) leaves room for manipulation of journal items, which is not what a regulator likes to see :)

Regards. Gertjan