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PST ins Journal importieren

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wir haben folgende Situation:


Gewisse (wichtige) Benuter haben ein separiertes Vault Archiv, der Rest ist im Journaling.

Jetzt sind im Zuge des Clienttausches etliche PST Dateien aufgetaucht. Allesamt von Usern die im Journaling erfasst werden, allerdings sind die PST´s noch vor der Zeit, in der Enterprise Vault in Betrieb genommen wurde.

Die Geschäftsleitung möchte nun, dass diese alten PST´s ins Journal importiert werden. Von dem PST-Import der User mit separiertem Archiv weiß ich, dass die Ordnerstruktur der PST mit ins Archiv übernommen wurde.

Wie ist das mit einem Import der PST´s ins Journalarchiv? Werden dann auch die Ordnerstrukturen erstellt, was m.E. keinen Sinn ergibt? Gibt es einen Import ins Journal? Ich möchte nur ungern die PST´s bei den Benutzern importieren, da das wieder nur den Exchange aufbläht.

Für Infos wäre ich sehr dankbar.





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You could attach the PST in Outlook and drag the items into the Journal Inbox and they could archive via Journaling.

Or you could stop Journaling tempoaraily, and change the Journal archive in SQL to a Shared Archive so it gives you the Import option through the Admin Console. But you could have issues with undisclosed recipients, DL expanison or searching attachments.

EVPM is usually the best means. Example:


DirectoryComputerName = Archive

sitename = MySite




PSTLanguage=Western European









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Hello dapeda.

The problem with importing PST's in a Journal Archive is that the info you usually have (bcc's, expanded distributionlists etc) do not exist. The items in the PST are no 'enveloppe' messages.

What I would suggest to the customer is to create a shared archive, import all the pst's into this one shared archive. (or use multiple if you have many PST's) You can then have that shared archive included in any E-discovery searches done.

If the customer insists on having the pst's into the Journal Archive, you really should import the PST into the Journal Mailbox, and let EV archive that. I am however not sure that works. Afaik the Journal Archive is only archived from the inbox, so creating a folder structure is not how to do it. You might want to create a seperate 'journal' mailbox, import a PST in it, and see how EV handles an imported PST.

You can obviously also import the PST's directly into the users archvie, which removes the need of importing the PST's in the users mailbox first. You will need to do matching ofcourse, but the proces is straight forward.

Good luck.

PS. most users on this forum do not understand German, so if you can, ask and comment in English :)







Regards. Gertjan

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Thanks for your feedback, which has me already helped.

I have opened on german this thread, I probably can not accurately represent my problem in English ...  ;)

I will keep you up to date, what I have now decided finally, and what were the experiences therefrom.


Thanks a lot,