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Retention Policies Enterprise Vault & Exchange Server

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We want to apply a retention policy on the exchange server and enterprise vault.

For the Exchange Server retention policies; in this policy, some emails should be kept and not deleted.

We are wondering whether these emails will be archived by the enterprise vault after applying retention policies on the exchange server first.

Thank you for your answers,



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Hi @ygokkaya 
I believe EV should not be able to delete it but you can always test it on your staging environment, and if you do not have just test it on one mailbox, and if you achieved what you expected, you can provision the change to other mailboxes as well.

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It has been a while that I managed user mailbox archiving (which I assume you refer to), but here is my thought.

1 - some emails should be kept. - Is that 'emails in different user mailboxes, or emails in 1 mailbox? If in 1 put this mailbox in a seperate provisioning group, and set the retention according to requirement. I personally would set the retention to 10 years, and then disable the 'allow deletion' on the archive. Setting it to 'keep items forever' means you can never remove these. 

Emails will be archived, and changed into a shortcut, but will obey EV's expiry process. 

If you need to keep specific mail from specific mailboxes, you might look into the classification in EV. That is additional license cost, but can assist in determining what specific retention is given to specific mails. As example, all emails are archived with a retention of 2 years, but if an email has in body the word 'merger', set retention to 10 years.

Regards. Gertjan

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In your EV Archiving policy, do your Keep Original Message, convert to shortcut ou delete? If don't keep the original message Exchange retention will not affect the iten. As GertjanA said configure at Vault side.

If you create a archive mailbox for the user and apply Retention and Archive Policy in Exchange. 

Enterprise Vault does not archive from archive mailbox, you need to ensure that does message are archive in Exchange before the Vault policy (If is based on age.)