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SQL Query to delete Index Location

Level 3

Hi All

A SQL DBA at a customer ran a command that created a new Index location, not updated the current one , and I want to delete it. I want to remove the U:\xxx path from SQL. What's the best SQL query to run to remove this Index path?

Index Query 2.png.jpg


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Hi Bruce..

First close the location. As it is open, it will get data. Once it has data, you cannot remove it, unless you move the data.

Close location. Use KB to move index data to a live one. (this ) When moved, you should be able to delete the location from the Console. I don't have access to EV database, so I cannot give you the query unfortunately.

Regards. Gertjan

Level 3

Hi Gert

Yes we followed that article already, the data is copied but no new data gets added because its Journal data and they using Mimecast for that

The SQL DBA should have run the SQL command that updates the SQL location to the new path but something went wrong and he created that new location and the old location is still there.

So I just need a SQL delete query and then we will run the SQL update query again in the article

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I would highly recommend to do this together with Veritas Support.

Are you sure that no files got archived in the old location?

It is possible to get the Indexlocations in the "indexrootpath" table. But as I said, just do it together with Veritas.