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SSRS reports for EV7.5 error

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Hi folks,
  I recently upgraded my EV from 6 to 7.5.  As I was running some of the EV 7.5 reports I noticed I was receiving errors on the 7 day health report and the 24 hr health report (other reports are working correctly).  From what I can see the monitoring settings are correct and the permissions for the data source in SSRS is correct.  It's basically full admin access.  Can anyone direct me in the right direction as I have no idea whats wrong.  From the dtrace it looks like it cannot obtain the MonitoringConfiguration information in EnterpriseVaultDirectory database?!

Thank you in advance.

3,148 14:09:08.981 [4,132] (MonitoringAgent) <1444> EV-M {MonitoringProcessDriver.GetMonitoringFrequ
ency} Accquiring lock to get MonitoringConfiguration
3,149 14:09:08.981 [4,132] (MonitoringAgent) <1444> EV-M {MonitoringProcessDriver.GetMonitoringFrequ
ency} Accquired lock, trying to get monitoring configuration
3,150 14:09:08.981 [4,132] (MonitoringAgent) <1444> EV-H {Logger.LogError} DBHelper::FillDataTable E
3,151 14:09:08.981 [4,132] (MonitoringAgent) <1444> EV-H {Logger.LogError} ConnectionProvider::Enter
3,152 14:09:08.981 [4,132] (MonitoringAgent) <1444> EV-M {ConnectionProvider} Open Connections: 3
3,153 14:09:08.981 [4,132] (MonitoringAgent) <1444> EV-H {ConnectionProvider} Exit OpenConnection
3,154 14:09:08.981 [4,132] (MonitoringAgent) <1444> EV-H {ConnectionProvider} Enter CloseConnection
3,155 14:09:08.981 [4,132] (MonitoringAgent) <1444> EV-M {ConnectionProvider} Open Connections: 2
3,156 14:09:08.981 [4,132] (MonitoringAgent) <1444> EV-H {ConnectionProvider} Exit CloseConnection
3,157 14:09:08.981 [4,132] (MonitoringAgent) <1444> EV-H {MonitoringProcessDriver.GetMonitoringFrequ
ency} Exception:  Info: Diag: Type:Symantec.EnterpriseVault.OperationsManager.DataAccessLayer.Monito
ringAccessDBException ST:   at Symantec.EnterpriseVault.OperationsManager.DataAccessLayer.Common.DBH
elper.FillDataTable(String query, DataTable dataTable, SqlParameter[] parameters, ConnectionProvider
   at Symantec.EnterpriseVault.OperationsManager.DataAccessLayer.Monitoring.MonitoringDataManager.Fi
llMonitoringConfiguration(MonitoringConfigDataTable table)
   at Symantec.EnterpriseVault.OperationsManager.MonitoringProcessDriver.GetMonitoringFrequency(Obje
ct stateInfo)