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Strange EV Client behavior : RPC/HTTP

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Hi All

EV 11

I have a customer that has a branch in the USA and they are experiencing weird behavior on some of there desktops


When users are in the office the EV client keeps trying to connect to  the  EV server through the Exchange proxy URL configured in the Outlook profile.

The EV client should only do this as the third option when RPC/HTTP is in use, see below


 Enterprise Vault client contacts Enterprise Vault as follows:

  • By default, the client first attempts to contact the default Enterprise Vault server that hosts the archive.

  • If that is unavailable, the client uses the RPC over HTTP proxy URL configured in the Enterprise Vault Exchange Desktop policy.

  • If no URL is specified in the Enterprise Vault policy, then the client uses the Exchange proxy URL configured in the Outlook profile.



To be specific the  EV client  tries to connect the Exchange proxy URL and then the /enterprisevaultproxy virtual directory. We can see this from the EV Client diagnostics and the Http Connection

I have looked at the client log and this appears to be what is happening, I have also confirmed that there is no place in the policies that would force the EV client to connect like this (I may have missed something)

So my question is what would cause EV to not connect to the EV server through the normal name but default to the Exchange proxy URL

Also one more thing that is interesting, if you run RESETEVCLIENT then you can see from the EV diagnostics that the EV defaults back to the correct EV name. But if you reboot the desktop or laptop it goes back the Exchange proxy URL

Any ideas would be appreciated



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can you post the logs showing what you're describing? 

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Sure, I have attached the client log. Search on the word " thevitalitygroup" to see references to RPC/HTTP


This log reflects the problem where the EV client tries to connect to the wrong server name



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Hi Guys


Any feedback around this issue


I am also going to get the customer to log a call with Support as this isn't something straight forward