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Symantec Enterprise Vault Journal Support(9.0.2) For Exchange 2013/2016/Exchange Online

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Hi Team,

I am looking for techinical guidence and suggestion, As we know Enterprise Vault(9.0.2) already end of support.

Just want to hear from experts can we still use the journaling integration with Exchange 2013 EV Journal Database & Creating Journaling rule from Office365 to On-premises is their any issue with the formatting of Journal with New envelop format for Legal search complience. Currently EV9.0.2 is integrated with legacy Exchange 2007. In future journaling soultion will be changed with best cloud way whichever possible.

Does EV 9.0.2 is compatiable with Exchange 2013/Office365 Journal rule using On-premises Exchange Journal Vault DB?

EV Product Version : 9.0.2
EV Binary Version :
EV Directory Database Version :
EV Vault Store Database Version :

Even i went through compatibility matrix its nor proper & clear? Hence asking for experts suggestions

Thanks & Regards

Ismail khan


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Hello Ismail,

This link points to the compatibility guides for EV9 and earlier.

The compatibility guide for EV9 specifically states on page 40 that Exchange 2013 is not supported with EV9 (any SP).

To be able to archive what you mention (Exchange 2013/2016/O365) directly means upgrading. Upgrading also allows for support calls :-). It might be possible to have the newer Exchange, and O365 send journal items to an Exchange 2007 server, from which you can archive using EV9, but I do recommend upgrading all the way to EV12.1. This version has SMTP archiving which you should use for O365 journaling.

Your best bet is (imho) to talk to a partner, and see what they advice, and how they can assist.

Good luck!

Regards. Gertjan