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Unable to Delete Partition - The partition is not empty

Level 3

I have createt a new partition but unfortunately the setting of  "Collector type" is worng, i would like to remove the partition and recreate it, but I get the error that the partition is not empt.I checked there wehere a few files under the folder but as the partition was ready only for 1 minute there is no importatnt data on it.

I deleted the content of the folder but I get still the error message.

How can I delete the Pratition ?


thanks for suggestions


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Even though you deleted the physical files EV stills have a reference for the items in the database.  I would recommend working with Support to have them help you clean this up.  You should be able to find the archive the items belong to and clean it up properly.

Level 6
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Hi mate,

As Tony mentioned, you can call support to sort this out.

Or you can use the EVSVR tool to remove the DB references for the deleted items, then you should be able to delete the vault store partiotion.

How to use EVSVR: