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Unable to delete FSA partitions as they still contain data

Level 3

Help .....

We are coming towards the end of our EV migration (EV9 to EV10) and I am wondering the best way to delete the FSA partitions.

All our FSA data has been unarchived and in the new EV 10 environment we are not filesystem archiving just using EV for exchange mailbox archiving ..... Mailboxes have been migrated using the EV archive migration tool but the deletion process is so slow .... Still have over 2000 archives to delete and at its current speed we estimate it will take a year to delete these ......

I am now looking at the old FSA archives that can now be deleted (Over 7000 archives) and am wondering what is the quickest way to delete the data...... I cannot delete the partitions as it complains that they are not empty.

In our old EV9 enviroment we shared our evsite between 2 different geographies, the other site hold the directory database and they are waiting on us to finish our migration before they upgrade to EV 10, so am looking at the quickest way to delete all our old data without compromising the directory database.

Can I do the following ...... delete the data on the FSA disks within windows and then right click and delete the partitions in the VAC ...... as we are not worried about our UK EV9 databases (they will also be deleted at the end of this process) as if I have to right click every FSA archive then this will take years ....

My main concern is the implications on what this could do to the directory database as we do not administer it ..... and they need to carry on using this database. All our UK data (FSA archives \ UK Databases) can be deleted as we have migrated to new storage & servers running EV10.

Any ideas ..... Hope this makes sense





Level 3

Help .....

This deletion process is going to take years as currenlty deleting archives manually is taking about a week to delete 20 .........

Could I do the following :

1) Delete data from under the Partition on the EV server

2) Right click and delete the partition as then the data has been deleted

3) Do steps 1 & 2 for all the other partitions and then delete the Vaultstore.

Can I do this ??? As we are not keeping the current SQL DB in the UK (already migrated to new SQL for EV10) ..... So all UK data for EV9 environment will be deleted ...... Just need to make sure this will not break the Directory database which is currently in use in a different country ....

Any ideas ???