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Resolved! SQL 2012 Compression

Hi All   A customer is asking me if EV supports compression of the  SQL databases in SQL  2012   Apparently SQL 2012 allows you to compress its databases, Would this work with EV 11 sp1 ?

SQL mirroring

Hi, Does anyone can point if SQL mirroring is supported? Always-on is not, but I cannot find any related data on mirroring.   Sarah

Enterprise Vault New-App -organizationapp

I can get the new-app to register with individual mailboxes, however when I try to use the -organizationapp I get a connection failed message. It looks like the command is trying to bind to the system attendant on my Exchange 2007 environment. I am r...

btrowdy by Level 3
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Resolved! EV VCS on Win 2012

Hi all, I'm going to install an Enterprise Vault VCS on Win 2012 and, after we have run the Ev cluster server wizard where we have configured the msmq on the shared disk (M:\MSMQ), we're going to run enterprise vault cluster configuration wizard on ...

superf by Level 4
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Resolved! EV 11.0.1 Monitoring with Nagios

Hi,   I saw that AndrewB has a list with tasks and eventID's for monitoring with nagios, would it be possibel to send me the spread sheet as well?   Thanks maeni  

mankoll by Not applicable
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Resolved! Index Locations

Hi,   We have Enterprise Vault 10.0.4 with HCP stoarge.Currently we are in middle of migration from legacy archving servers and around 1800 users have been migrated out of 14K users.At the time of instrallation of Enterprise Vault we configured onl...

Error importing PST from Barracuda to EV

Thanks Guys. I have upgraded to the latest firmware version for the Barracuds and now see that I can export as I wanted to.  But, when I import the PST file in to EVault, the import fails and Event Viewer shows me the following: Starting reconcilia...

ars by Level 3
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Resolved! EV Journaled Message

Dear All,   I have setup a journal mailbox and journal task. But eveytime after the journal task run, the journaled message is deleted in owa. Shouldn't it be able to create shortcut and view in OWA? Thanks Best Regards, Elroy

MessageCleanupInterval reg info in a cluster environment?

Hi, This is in the best practices of the installation and configuration guide:   Message queue cleanup interval: MessageCleanupInterval Name                             MessageCleanupInterval HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \Software \Microsoft \MSMQ \Pa...

Sani_B by Level 6
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Changing Retention period and EMC Centera

I have a tricky question. Customer has an EV setup, Vault store is on Centera. Centera is GE, retention period is set "For all Centera Models". EV is 10.0.4 version, but initial setup was 6 SP3... Retention period was set to 6 years, no deletion all...

New EV Monitoring Document

With EV11 we introduced a new management pack for SCOM - if you missed that, then watch this tutorial We know many customers use SCOM which is why we invested time in building the management pack which defines rules to enable SCOM to monitor Enterpr...

Glenn_Martin by Level 6
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Resolved! EV11CHF1 - EVDatabaseUpgraded fails

See Error you will see is : Cannot insert the value NULL into column 'MbxIdentity', table 'EnterpriseVaultDirectory.dbo.PstMigrationHistory' To 'workaround' perform following: Run the query in the KB-articl...

GertjanA by Moderator
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How to get FSA archiving rates

Hi Is there a SQL query similar to that I can use to get FSA archiving rates? I have vault stores with a mix of mailbox archives and FSA archives. ...

goatboy by Level 6
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Exchange 2013 CU8 is now supported

I know CU support has been a source of much interest over the recent months and last week Microsoft released CU8 which further complicated things. However, we had been anticipating the release of CU8 and our QA guys have worked hard over the last we...

Glenn_Martin by Level 6
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Resolved! Deleting archive mailbox (ExchageMailboxEntry table)

Hi all, I have some doubts about how to correctly remove a mailbox that has been archived and that I don't need to keep anymore  (like when a user leaves the Company). We ussually export all his archived mailbox to the original exchange mailbox, the...

Resolved! JournalArchive Table Item Counts

Hi, I'm planning an upgrade and am looking for some explanation on the JournalArchive table. Running the below on each of the 3 Stores: select COUNT(*) "STR01 JournalArchive Count" from JournalArchive select COUNT(*) "STR01 JournalArchive where Bac...

Elio_C by Level 6
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