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Vault 10 - shortcut not matching archived email

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Unfortunately we are still on EV for exchange, hopefully to 11 in Q1 '17.

I have at least 4 users on one server of 500+ email/exchange archives who have several shortcuts that dont match the archived emailed item, indeed for some of the shortcuts the shortcut content isnt related to the recipient at all, ie it is someone elses shortcut!

There is no consistency I can find, it appears to be random, not all shortcuts, possibly under 2% of archived emails, spread over a couple of years which I can't relate to Vault versions, upgrades, patches etc.

It doesnt appear to be happening right now so Veritas support have told us they cant assist (no use running a dtrace they said), new'ist item with an issue that I can find is 2 months old (we archive after 2 weeks with 1mb attachment / 4 weeks for all with attachments).

I'm trying to get some answers before I go with shortcut rebuild for the users so asking if anyone has had or heard of a similar issue?




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Hello Aengus,

There are some options which might have caused this.

First and foremost, do the shortcuts themselve work? In other words, doubleclicking the shortcut opens the item?

It might be that a user dragged a shortcut from a shared mailbox (group mailbox/functional mailbox/other users mailbox he has permissions on) into his own mailbox. The shortcut will remain functional, due to the permissions on the source archive being set by EV, based on Exchange-permissions. To find out if the shortcut belongs to the users archive can be done like below.

It might also be a user received a forwarded shortcut from someone, and saved that into his mailbox.

I have never heard of shortcut being wrong related to archived item.. Remember the original items is archived, and then converted to a shortcut. It is not 'archive, delete item, recreate shortcut', but 'archive, convert'.

anyway. To find the archive where one of the offending items sits, do the following. Have the user select the EV tab in Outlook (so you have the EV icons). Select the item (do not open, just select). press left CTRL+SHIFT, then click an EV icon in the tab. On the popup window, (from the top of my head here!) select 'item information'. click 'send to clipboard', paste in email, send to yourself.

From email, look for heading 'selected item properties'. There is a line called 'archiveid'. Copy the value. Open the EV console. Select Archives. press left CTRL+SHIFT, rightclick Archives. Select 'find archive or folder'. Paste value. press enter. That will then give the exact archive and folderlocation the item is in (according to the info from the shortcut). Is that archive from the user?

Rebuilding shortcuts is VERY resource intensive on SQL and EV, so make sure you understand what that will do. It might not be worthe the hassle. If it really is an issue, you might want to restore the original item to the inbox, remove the shortcut, and wait for it to be archived again.



Regards. Gertjan

Thanks for your reply.

The shortcut contains the correct subject, date, time etc but the body content is incorrect both in the Outlook preview and the reading pane.

Restore or open the email and the correct content is displayed, ie the shortcut points to the original archived email and the archiveid is correct.