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Vault Cache - no vault available

Level 3

We have just deployed EV 11 for Exchange, and we encountered a peculiar issue


Server - EV 11.0.1 CHF2

Client - Outlook 2010

Plugin - Enterprise Vault Client (Light functionality enabled)


we have a user whose Vault Cache cannot be displayed.

we have tried the following

1. reinstall EV plugin

2. reset EV client

3. recreate Outlook profile

4. tried login on different machines

5. renamed the KVS folder

6. tried accessing http://evserver/enterprisevault/listarchives.aspx, it lists the Archives of the user

7. from Outlook client, we did a Search vault, and we can see the Archives.


we noticed the following

1. KVS folder is empty - only a DownloadTasks.xml

2. there are multiple Outlook profiles with the name EnterpriseVault..... (see attached), which are empty. these profiles are also reflected in Registry. Other users do not have these additional profiles

will appreciate if someone can assist on this, thank you!


Level 6
Employee Accredited Certified

Hello gc.richard,


Please check the below article




Level 3

gb.richard, do you have check the permission for the user on the mailbox?


if yes try to move the mailbox to other one DB after this if the issue still present disable and reneabel the mailbox

Level 6
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you really need maximum tracing turned on to see whats happening. but typically the times i've seen that is when it can't determine the working directory

Level 3

thanks AJ, I've already tried access the ListArchives.aspx page and the archives were listed correctly. I also confirmed that authentication on the EV IIS is enabled.

On Outlook, it just showed no available vault, not failed to connect to server. Connection to the EV server is ok, and when i do a Search Vault via the EV tab, i was redirected to the EV search page successfully

Level 3

yes, the user has permissions to the archives. should i try adding another admin user to verify the archives?

you mean to disable the EV archive or Exchange mailbox?

Level 3

thanks, I've enabled max tracing, is there a guide to explain or analyse the logs? thank you