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Vault Store Migration

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We have EV which makes FSA archiving. On one closed vault store partition we are coming to the end of space occupancy. We are aware that if the disk fills up, the EV will stop. We can't find a source that exactly fills that partition even though it's in closed status. What we were thinking was to migrate those files (archives) to another partition since this partition is MBR of 2 TB and it is near filled up. I see under the Vault Store partition settings the Migrate option, which offers the ability to migrate files using an EV server to another partition, so I would like to know is anybody have experience with that option?

Also, I found this article which described migrating to another vault store, but with manually copy and editing SQL Directory database after that:


Any advise or suggestion will be appreciated.


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The screen capture you've included is NOT generally used for moving vault store partitions. This is for migrating CAB files resulting from the COLLECTIONS feature.

You need to move the vault store partition and then update SQL using the procedures that you've included in your post.

Rick Grigg

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I would do it like 

Just copy the path of the partition from Admin Console >>Vault Store Groups>>Vault Store >>>Partition you need>>>Properties
this is the path where you have the folder that needs to be copied to the new drive and changed in the Directory Database.