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What can we do in Enterprise Vault to DELIGHT you?

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The Enterprise Vault team is always looking to improve our products based upon customer feedback.  Some changes you want would be new features, some times it's just improvments in an existing feature etc.

So I have a question for you.  What changes should we make which would not just please you but actually delight you about Enterprise Vault (apart from an ability to print money :-)?. The kind of feature that excites you, puts a smile on your face and you say I can't wait to use that, it's going to help us so much...  One example for me is Virtual Vault in V8 sp3.

We have the ideas system on Symantec Connect but a lot of them seem focused on improvements to existing features (which isn't a bad thing!) and I'm just wondering what else there is out there...  At the moment if I looked at that list, there are probably 4 suggestions that have 10 or more votes.  I'm sure it would take more than those 4 product changes to make every customer delighted to use our product!

So some examples I can think of based upon discussions/issues on this forum

Improved monitoring/reporting.
Perhaps videos on how's to etc,
Perhaps best practise document
Easier OWA setup

Very interested to hear your feedback!

Mike Bilsborough
Director, Enterprise Vault Engineering



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With the Ideas listed here. Any chance of an update of which of them is being considered for EV10 which is planned for early next year?

Ir if not for EV10 which of them have been considered for implementation

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A very requested for users and necessary property to support the service of archive is support the edit metadata of the mail (flags-open mail see followup but in panel outlook dont see-, categorice, read and unread). Would not it be possible that in the database of SQL it remains registered and visible from Virtual Vault ?

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A feature which allows you to archive a users email once they have left the company in one go, and than lets you know it has been done.

Also maybe a page which lets you know, everything is running that is required and working ok, and also if there are any issues, warnings, errors that need addressing, just a short way to do this instead of going through the event logs and hoping everything is ok.

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You can already do this using a leavers provisioning group and a policy to archive everything. just the notification is missing. There is a new feature in 8.0 SP4 which shows you the health of your ev environment without having to go to eventlog. It's rather basic stuff, but it frees you from scanning the eventlog every day :) cheers

cloudficient - EV Migration, creators of EVComplete.

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You can already do this using a leavers provisioning group and a policy to archive everything. just the notification is missing.

This is what i do now, just wondered if there was anything else that could do this.

Level 4

From my personal experience and the feedbacks I've received from our users, here is what would be great to add/modify/improve for future releases:

- Keep the follow-up flag status shown in the VV

- Add an Advanced option to prevent archiving of items having follow-up information, even if there is no reminder or a date occurring in the past.

- A shortcuts regeneration process for deleted shortcuts or for archived items that didn't initially have the option to create shortcuts at the time of their archiving.

- A real and complete SCOM 2007 R2 management pack (with monitors, status, etc.).

- Faster PST import and export process.

- A built-in update system instead of having to run a full release setup for service pack upgrades.  Including hotfixes and patches would also be very valuable.

- Exclude SharePoint Lists added as PST in Outlook for client driven PST migration, or any way for easily adding granularity for selecting which PST to include for this process.

- An automatic logging or reporting for the Archiving Task activity.

- Support for other browsers than IE.

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Hi Mike,

We're actively using move archive, and we find it is extremely slow.

I know there are 3rd party tools that are fast(er), and that EV does the necessary checks and updates to make sure new archive has it all, but we think that exporting to pst,importing to new archive is a lot faster.

Regards. Gertjan

Level 4

Apologies if this has has already been mentioned in the past (i'm sure it has!) the ability to easily to remove the visibility of FSA archives in web apps such as OWA Archive Explorer.  I know there is a way to change this in a web file however, its not supported and would need re-aplying each time a service pack installed.

This is one particular question that comes from almost every install.  Personally I dont believe that most users would even use AE from OWA but as its there most customers highlight it.


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Don't think it has been mentioned here, did mention it internaly (when working for SYMC) but not sure if it was added to any enhancement request :)

But it would be great if instead of assigning an Indexing Service to a provisioning group, you could assign an "Index Store" or "Index Group"


Index Group 1 -> Index1, Index2, Index3 .....

Index Group 2 -> Index1, Index2, Index3 .....

The main reason for this request (for me at least) is if you end up consolidating or scaling the EV servers but have already started archiving.

So let say you add another EV server to increase the performance. (e.g. you started with one EV server for two Exchange servers).

Now, there isn't much of an issue to move the VS DB and the partitions to the new server, but the user indexes are "inter-meshed" with each other in those default index1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 locations.

Yes you can move the indexes individually but if you have 1-2000 users, finding, moving individual user indexes one at a time = not funny :)




Level 2

Enterprise Vault manipulation via Powershell...  Such as

get-archive <identity>

move-archive <destination vault>

delete-archive <identity>



We have a LOT of our AD / Exchange tasks automated, and EV has ALWAYS felt like an afterthought rather than just being a part of the infrastructure, because of the awkward management compared to how we manage AD/Exchange

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Another feature I would like to see will be Move Partition feature. This will help migration of data from different storage devices. Currently we are facing lot of challenges to move data out of our Centera partitions to NAS device.

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Partner Accredited

Overview of how many Users were archived, how many archiving cycles were done during the archiving run.

Monitoring the MessageQueues is tiring and not user friendly.

Level 3

The option for admin to have user .pst import webpage, where user's can import there own pst files.  Also a way where users can import their own .pst files in Outlook as well via the EV outlook plugin.

Also EV email notifications w/o using SCOM to notifiy the EV admin for partition rollover, .pst import progress, archiving error, etc.

That would be great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Level 6
Partner Accredited Certified


We do have something in our portfolio which allows users to import PST Files more or less "on themselves".
You might want to contact us for your specific requirements, maybe we are able to do something for you.


cloudficient - EV Migration, creators of EVComplete.

Level 5

1. The ability to remotely reset user's vault cache from the administrator console.

Walking users through the hidden menu is not ideal. I'd like to be able to advise the EV client to perform a vault cache reset from my console so that the next time they log in it resets.

2. DA custodian selection tool for a search needs reword.

I've posted this in the ideas section but want to fully express it. Name a search tool that doesn't actually perform the search when you hit the Enter key? There are none except for DA's. When you press Enter in that view, rather than searching, you drop to another line. You force me to actually use the mouse and hit search. I guess it wouldn't be so bad if you allowed multiple custodians to be searched, but that's not even an option.

3. DA custodian selection tool does not allow more than 1000 results to be displayed.

Why this changed is beyond me. I have over 15,000 custodian records. It took a whole 2 seconds to load up in version 8.2. Could you please change this to an option of my choosing? I want to display all of mine, even if it does take a minute to load. It makes it easier for me to select the 500 custodians I need for a search.

Level 3

More PowerShell integration such as: Archive-Mailbox or Import-PST

I realise there are ways to script EVPM etc through PowerShell (I've done some myself) however some more powershell-native functions would be great

A 64-bit version of the existing PowerShell functions would be handy


Also, we're in the process of importing PSTs. Right now a way to import PSTs to archives where the mailbox no longer exists or to create an archive for the PST where there is no existing archive would be a massive benefit. We have about 10TB of PSTs in our environment, about 2TB are on file servers and about 1TB of these are orphaned

Not applicable

Partition Management.

A simple way of moving, merging, deleting, renaming partitions.

over the life of EV storage changes and EV has real problems coping with it. Say I start off with local storage, then I get a small san, then centera comes in. Moving from one to the other and keeping your data organised is a real pain. You can end up with lots of partitions with a few gigs of data and few options to move things around to meet admin or organisation need.

So better partition management.


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Need documentation on implementating and Designing DR for Exchange/ Lotus domino /  FSA / SharePoint.. Till far no precise or NO documents are available which can be referred for DR site design.