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another recurring appointment question

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"...EV now uses the end date (the last date on which the event is to occur) of all calendar items to decide if a calendar item should be archived. ..."

When using outlook I see recurring items that should occur forever - however the start date and end date are filled in with the date of the appointment -
and the appointment has a recurring pattern.


We have enabled ( set to On)   Archive Unexpired Calendar Events and also a 4 year retention policy

Does EV 9 still use the end date for recurring appointments when evaluating whether to delete ?


Level 6
Employee Accredited Certified
Yes, But If storage expiry for Exchange Server Archiving is based on archived date, and
you have configured Enterprise Vault to archive unexpired calendar, meeting,
and task items (that is, items with an end date in the future), then we recommend
that you use the advanced Exchange Mailbox policy setting, Futureitemretention
category. This ensures that storage expiry does not delete any archived calendar,
meeting, or task items before their end date.
If the Exchange Mailbox policy setting, Futureitemretention not set then it will delete when storage expiry runs.
Check this following settings
Future item retention category
The name of the retention category to use for calendar, meeting, and
task items that have end dates in the future; that is, unexpired
calendar, meeting, and task items. The retention category must exist.
If Enterprise Vault storage expiry for your site is based on the archived
date of an item, then archived calendar, meeting, or task items with
an end date in the future could be deleted by Enterprise Vault storage
expiry before the end date of the item. To prevent this, you can create
a retention category that Enterprise Vault will apply automatically to
such items when they are archived, and specify this retention category
in this policy setting. In the retention category properties, we
recommend that you set the value of Baseexpiryon to Modifieddate,
and configure the retention period as Retain items forever.
Note: The retention category will not be applied retrospectively to
items that have already been archived.
Supported Values
■ The name of an existing retention category that you have set up
to be used for these items. For example, Future Calendar Items.
■ Leave blank to use the default retention category for the
provisioning group. This is the default value.


I Hope this Helps !!!