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EV System Mailbox

When creating a mailbox task the wizard asks to use the EV system mailbox or to pick one from the server. I was told that I should create an ev mailbox account for every exchange server in addition to ev service (admin) account. This seems redundant....

Alan_M by Level 6
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Archiving entire folder within mailbox

When a user attempts to archive an entire folder within their Inbox, the user receives the following warning, but only if there are no messages in the root of the folder that they are attempting to archive."You cannot archive an entire mailbox in Ent...

Vault Store - reporting

What do you need to do in order to enabling Vault Store reporting for an account other than the EV service account.I am running as a domain admin account with full mailbox access but when I right click on a vault store and go to usage it generates an...

Alan_M by Level 6
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Back-end OWA Question

Here is the scenario:We are logged into the root domain. The root domain is different than the domain we will be operating in.root=domain1.localoperational domain (smtp domain)=internet.comWe install the backend extensions while logged into the root ...

MS06-019 Hotfix Question

Does anyone know if the new Exchange hotfix will effect the Evault service acct? Anything I should keep in mind/verify before/after installing this hotfix?Currently I am only journalling mailboxes.

Auto archive a folder

Hi, Is there a way to auto archive a folder in the mailbox? Like i can createa folder called Vault in the mailbox and all the mails moved to that folder will get archived and any mails / items in the inbox and canlendar or any other folders are not ...

NTFS to Centera migrator

Hoping someon here knows something about this - it doesn't seem that the sales people do.I want to use the NTFS to Centera migrator tool and was told that no extra licensing is required in v6.0. The Admin guide tends to confirm that, yet when I try ...

Archiving restored items

Is it possible to configure the archiving of restored items after some period of time that is different from the policy being applied.I know it is possible to modify the registry to ignore the restore date which would cause it to be rearchived almost...

Alan_M by Level 6
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Centera and collections

I am looking for any information on Centera collections and Enterprise Vault. Does anyone have any documentation or can provide some description on the pluses and minuses of enabling collections.Thanks

Alan_M by Level 6
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Attachments are not showing in outlook

When I open an archived message in outlook I do not see the attachments. It just has the name of the attachment at the bottom of the message. I am running EV 6.0 and outlook 2003 with the SP.If I restore the message or view it in archive explorer i...

Miggration from E5.5 to E2k3

We are performing an email migration for our customer from Exchange 5.5to Exchange 2003. We are using EV5 with SP4. During the migration, the EV server will have a connector to bothExchange 5.5 and Exchange 2003. I have successfully migrated mailb...

Event ID 5219 Error

Hello everyone, I've just received this error. I had manually asked EV to synchronise folder permissions, but I'm not sure whether it's related...I've been running EV 6 SP1 for a little while, and I think it's just an oddity since there are only two ...

Offline Vault / View the original item

When a user goes offline with the laptop and clicks in the preview pane from an archived e-mail on the link: View the original item the browser opens with: The page cannot be displayed. This is clear because no server connection is there. Now my ques...

Backup problem with Legato Networker (FSA)

Hello,we are using Enterprise Vault 5.0 SP5 for File System Archiving. Legato Networker is the backup software for the file servers. After a full backup run the archive bit of all non-archived files has been removed, but the archive bit of all placeh...

Vault Usage Report Issue

I am experiencing a Vault Usage reporting issue with a journal recipient mailbox. It is reporting zero items and size. In fact, mail is being archived regularly by the journal mailbox task and the mailbox is being cleared out as normal. Discovery Acc...