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Resolved! Ad-hoc archiving for a disabled mailbox

Hi The environment is Exchange 2010 SP3 + EV 10.0.4. Is it possible to trigger a script before we disable a mailbox during the separation process to archive all the mails to Enterprise Vault? This would be very helpful for our operations Team. They...

Resolved! Configuring TMG for EV

This article is supposed to explain this but there is nothing ?

mart_g by Level 4
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Resolved! Timout and cookies

Hello, We are using EV with Exchange 2013. Due to corporate policies, we are in need to: - Timeout the user session in case of inactivity after certain period (ex. 20 mins). The timeout we need is on web browser where user performs search. What i h...

Resolved! Storage queue - building block

Hello all, We have 2 mailarchiving servers. we have 1 dr server. We did not share the storagequeue. 1 mailarchving server has been failed over to the dr server, due to an issue with disks. The mailarchiving server still has items in the storagequ...

GertjanA by Moderator
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Resolved! mailbox task scheduled runs modes

Hello, when I perform Run Now for a Mailbox Archiving Task, I can choose from 4 modes (Archiving&Shortcut, Shortcut, Archiving, Report). Is there a way to choose these modes also for Scheduled Runs?

Michal_Mikulik1 by Moderator
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Resolved! PST Locator task - NetAppHomeMap

Hello, A customer needs to locate PST files that were on a netapp filer. PST files are opened in Outlook through a drive X:\ mapped to \\netapp-filer\%username% Unfortunately, PST Locator task failed to translate share name X:\ to UNC. I've found ...

Problem with manual exchange archiving, store/restore

Hi,  Manual Store and Restore does not work anymore in our environment. I get an error popup saying: "Could not process the selected items. Reason: A server error has occured." when selecting a mail and clicking "Store" or "Restore" in EV Outlook ad...

yxi by Level 2
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Hello, after installing Enterprise Vault 11.0.1 on Windows Server 2008 R2 x64 the Index Service will not start. It terminates with Event ID 41293: Enterprise Vault_load    : The current repository is from a previous version of Index Engine and i...

heineman by Level 3
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Cannot export archives to PST - ERROR

For several months now we've been unable to export EV archives...either to a PST or to the original mailbox.  We get an error, "The Migrator Server on XXXX has shut down.  Check that your storage server is running." I have been working with Symantec...

jmarg76 by Level 3
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Enterprise Vault Exchange 2010/2013 coexistance

We are currenlty in a 2010/2013 coexistance, with Enterprise Vault 10.4, hotfix 3 When I point DNS to the 2013 environement, the 2010 archive tasks fail.  As well, I've noticed that after adding the 2013 Exchagne servers as targets, only one databas...

SKTAG by Level 4
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Resolved! Exchange archive folders loosing permissions

Hello,  a customer is having the problem that sometimes some of the exchange archives are loosing the inherited folder permissions from exchange. Synchronization takes place at 12 am and 12 pm. From what I understand the folder hierarchy and permiss...

Marcde by Moderator
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Resolved! Outlook Cache Mode prompt- how to hide the prompts (EV11)

Hello, Im looking for some information in how to silent the prompts you get on first time login to outlook using Enterprise Vault Cache mode. We have just recently bought EV11 and we are currently testing on a few test users. We have it working no...

nwalsh by Level 4
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EV11 IMAP feature

Dear All, I have a question to the new IMAP feature in EV11. Can I not use IMAP for my archive in a Citrix environment instead of the Virtual Vault? I mean using IMAP for archiving mails. Another scenario is that an assistant can use IMAP to get ac...

Edyxx by Level 5
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Exchange 2010 Journaling and EV DL Expansion

Ever since Exchange Envelope Journaling was released, we've always recommended to enable DL Expansion in the Journal policy, due to the additional functionality and benefits this provides, per this technote: H...

dihrig by Level 4
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Resolved! Local Intranet Zones w Outlook Anywhere

EV 11.01 Windows 8.1, IE11, Outlook 2013   I have some end users who have the EV Servers in their Local Intranet Sites as per the EV Policy. The problem is that with the EV servers. (Alias, Alias FQDN and Hostname)  in the Local Intranet Sites, the...

EV11 Custom Filtering & SMTP archiving/journaling

Can't seem to find any reference to this - does EV11 SMTP archiving (when used for Exchange journaling) support custom filtering (for example, rule set files for setting retention based on membership in a DL). Or, is there equivalent functionality us...

dihrig by Level 4
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