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Resolved! How to configure retention on Enterprise Vault

Hi,   I have a simple question, I need to creat a policy, or something like that, to just retain 1 year from a specific mailbox (the defaul of my system is 3 years), I would like to know how is the best way to do it. I´m using EV 10 and my I´m using ...

Resolved! Enterprise Vault .PST Migration

our company is planning for a .PST migration and we want to create an end user document to educate our end users about what to expect. has anyone done anything like this? thx

Resolved! error 6511 : Storage File Watch failed to delete

Hi all,   We migrated a customer form 32bit to 64bit server. As the storage guy did not know how to disconnect and connect the storage to the new server (yes I know, silly), he created a new LUN and copied all the data to the new LUN.   After they ap...

Resolved! Backing up Enterprise Vault, from the Vault server?

Hi, Currently we are running Vault 10 on 2008 R2. We have about 16TB of data, plus indexes and SQL. We are currently backing this up using Commvault, which works very well indeed... however, I have been asked to remove this backup from Commvault as C...

Resolved! how to delete archived messages not having shortcuts

running ev8sp5 on three virtual 2003 servers with ev9 client on XP systems for about 22,000 mailboxes. We implemented EV to offload message storage from Exchange. No message expiry and client is configured such that deleting a shortcut deletes the ar...

Resolved! Vault Store present. SQL DB has been deleted.

Hi.   I have some trouble: Somebody a long time ago deleted DB in SQL server, which contain Vault Store information. So, now in EV console I have Vault_Store_Group:    Vault_Srore1    Vault_Srore2    Vault_Store3 But Vault_Store2 hasn't appropriate D...

zubkoff_s by Level 4
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Resolved! EVDominoExporter commands works .. but!

Hello again .. Problems with the command is solved and export seems to work fine but! There are no problems to export from archive to users "name.nsf" but in Notes Client there are still all archived mail marked as archived! I'm not so familier with ...

BoTho by Level 5
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Resolved! Failover cluster

i am having three node cluster of enterprise vault running. is it possible to failover from node A and node B to node C simultaneously.      

Resolved! What version of Enterprise Vault Outlook Client ?

Hello We are running Enterprise Vault Version: Most of our clients are running Outlook 2007 and some are running Outlook 2007 with MS Sharepoint Designer 2010. Can you advise me what Client version(s) I need to use and also a URL to down...

Resolved! EVDominoExporter terminate without exporting

Hi all .. We are testing EVDominoExporter in LAB env.. EV 9.0.2 up and running(archiving = ok) Notes/Domino 8.5.1 ... ID file = same ID file .. configured on EV server for Enterprise Vault Domino Domain) Command EVDominoExporter.exe /...

BoTho by Level 5
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Resolved! faild to retrieve archived item by outllok,the outlook is trying to authenticat this item from the EV server is diffrent from the ev server that my mailbox was enabled on it .

Dear Gents,   please can you help me on this issue, when i tried to retrieve one of my emails by outlook,i surpprised when the pop-up autthentication that was appearing for me is trying to coneect to ev server is diffrent from the ev server that my m...

joudi_agha by Level 3
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Resolved! Archiving Exchange 2010 Mbx over a firewall

Hi there, Im about to add an Exchange 2010 Mailbox server into our EV server but it sits on another site behind a firewall, can anyone advise me on what ports im going to need to open between to the two servers. It is within the same Domain. I presum...